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Building Stronger, Faster, Fitter Kids.

Play like a child, train like an athlete.

Our aim is to develop young athletes from the starting block.


We'll give your child the strength and conditioning skills they need to reach their full potential, in a safe and fun environment.

Our strength and conditioning training sessions are the perfect complement to your child's chosen sport; whether they're swimming, running, playing rugby, football or gymnastics, the techniques we'll teach them will take their mobility and efficiency of movement to a new level. Consider it a turbo boost for their natural athletic ability.

Mint stands for Movement Intelligence – speed, agility, flexibility, strength, power and more. Together the Mint Coaching team are building stronger, faster, fitter kids.







Mint Coaching Programmes

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5-8 years old

Fun and confidence building classes based on gymnastics and bodyweight training. We’ll get your child moving lots and moving correctly, creating a solid platform of strength & fitness.

Run, Jump, Roll, Race, Balance.
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8-11 years old

Increase strength and power through bodyweight exercise and the introduction of technique to safely lift lightweight objects. The workout will be fun, challenging and always within a safe, supportive training environment.

Gymnastics, Speed, Lifting, Resistance.
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11+ years old

Progressive resistance training, advanced jumping, running and agility skills. Safely taught weightlifting helps develop power increase strength. More complex gymnastic and bodyweight skills maintain a strong core and refine co-ordination.

Workouts become more intense and challenging.
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