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Meet the Coaches

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Tristan Matthiae
Tristan has coached gymnastics for more than 20 years, teaching at both recreational and elite level. He cut his teeth as part of the coaching team for the Great Britain U12 Boys Gymnastics squad, working alongside some of the world’s top gymnastics coaches.

Throughout his career, Tristan has led gymnastics seminars and workshops, trained actors and stuntmen, mentored new coaches and shared his knowledge with budding gymnasts from 5 to 65. More recently he’s taken his handstands and backflips into the CrossFit arena as a CrossFit and CrossFit Kids coach.

Underlying the practical, Tristan gained a degree in Sports Injury Rehabilitation at leading sporting campus St Mary’s University and went on to become a course lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology. Add this functional training to his expertise in gymnastics and you’ve got a creative, well-rounded instructor with an intricate understanding of functional movement patterns.
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Chris Wardlow
A teacher for 23 years – rising from PE teacher to Head of PE to Deputy Headteacher – Chris knows how to get the best out of children and was always awarded Outstanding grades by OFSTED. But Chris’ passion for sport and fitness started far earlier, on the rugby pitch and Judo at National Championship level.

He went on to join Harlequins’ strength and conditioning team, building a stronger, faster, more agile players and learning what makes top athletes tick. Today he brings that experience to the weightlifting, high-intensity world of CrossFit as a coach and Personal Trainer.

Chris has a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Brunel University, with a focus in sports psychology and exercise physiology. You’ll also find The National Professional Qualification for Headship on his CV, underlining Chris as one insightful leader who’ll motivate and inspire.